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The cost for a package from Moving Journals varies depending on the size of your event, number of attendees and your budget. We find that going digital typically saves more than 30% on what would have previously gone towards printing fees and materials. We guarantee the lowest prices to save you the most amount of money.
Each digital journal is custom-designed for you and your event. From the start, we help you create a journal with unique typesetting, design and layout. We also provide technical support, set up and clean up throughout the event.
The deadline for submitting journal entries is 24 hours prior to the event and 48 hours prior if your event is on a Sunday. This allows us to review the digital journal to make sure there are no errors and that the layout is perfect. For an additional fee, ads can be uploaded up to 12 hours prior to the event.
We’ve created an application that prevents guests from accessing anything other than your journal. This ensures that your guests are able to enjoy your journal distraction-free and without worry of accidentally closing or switching applications.
We offer free tech support before, during and after your event. We do the work so that your digital journal makes a big impact on all your guests!
Your digital journal can be printed into booklets for your honorees.
Your journal can either be posted to your organization’s website or our website at no extra cost. A link to your journal can also be emailed to your guests.